Wendy Johnson Poole

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Licensed Professional Counselor


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Although I began my life in Southern California, I have resided in Northwest Arkansas for 30 years. I've enjoyed a multi-faceted career that included 12 years of teaching at public school/university and 8 years experience in the International Marketing and Non-Profit communities. After working for companies like The Walt Disney Company, Nielsen, and the local Ozark Literacy Council I desired more authenticity and purpose in my life, so re-invented myself through academics and the erudition of behavioral health since 2010.

I've practiced customized therapy for individuals -- both adults and teens. I work with those who are interested in living more authentically, experiencing unsolicited change, and seeking to improve their relationships and lives in general. I love to see people on a regular basis and I focus on those who have specific symptoms that produce anxiety and depression.

My story, though is not over, and the rest of my story is actually YOUR story! I have gone through my own bouts of grief, depression, and anxiety and now want the progress I've seen in my own life to become your progress. If you are struggling with something, you don't have to walk through it alone, and I hope you'll consider letting me into your life even for a bit to help you see how experiencing things like anxiety and depression are very normal, but being overwhelmed by them does not have to be.